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Freeskier Magazine

After a decade of managing our own servers with high-profile and expensive hosting companies, we have found the perfect solution in Page.ly. Our sites load faster and are more secure than ever, and the customer service is unprecedented. We now use Page.ly for all of our sites, big and small.

Sean Power

When planning our 9th year of Decibel Festival, our most ambitious event yet, we sought out a WordPress hosting partner that could handle the crush of traffic as we announced our festival lineup and Decibel goers flocked to the site for information. Page.ly delivered above and beyond our expectations, proactive with performance suggestions and totally on the ball. Highly recommend! - Sean Power, Conference Co-Chair, Decibel Festival

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I’ve been using WordPress for over 8 years and I am so happy to use Page.ly at work. On other hosts I’ve had hacking, data loss and outages, but with Page.ly I know that they optimize their hosting to maximize WordPress’s performance. I absolutely love what Page.ly does. - Andy Wibbels

411 The primary Pagely DataCenter is located in Dallas TX USA. However we have provisioned caching nodes here in a new UK facility. This means you can send your traffic through a UK based network and your European visitors will see faster load times on cache hits. Simply point your site to one of our UK CNAME.

One hundred or one hundred million visitors. Your site will handle anything you throw at it.

WordPress Security

Enterprise Grade Security

Our firewalls block thousands of nefarious attacks daily before reaching your site.

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You will enjoy the speed and performance

Pagely outperforms other UK WordPress hosting providers on average time to first byte and full page load. Redundancy at all layers eliminate single points of failure and increase uptime.

Pagely is the first Managed WordPress Hosting service that handles most of the technical stuff like upgrades, performance, and security to allow you to focus on your content. We provide WordPress Hosting for personal sites to multi-server clusters for enterprise. We now offer UK WordPress Hosting for our friends across the pond. Compare Us

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Managed Automatic Upgrades

Rest easy as WordPress Core and plugin updates are done for you by our advanced automated system.

Real Security

More than just promises and marketing hype. Our secured system protected by trained security personnel and enterprise grade firewall appliances.

Expert Support

Get help, not sold. Our support team is comprised of WordPress experts that are here to help you get the most from your site.

WordPress Hosting

It's the same WordPress that you love, just better.


Use nearly any theme or plugin to customize your site as needed.

Hosting Panel

We built an easy and powerful interface for managing your account.

Thousands of companies and brands that you trust, trust Pagely to manage and secure their WordPress.

Customer Rave Reviews


In a crowded space, it is always refreshing to see a new startup innovating to upset the established order. It is even more exciting to see them better the niche in the same stroke


If you are hosting your own WordPress instead of using page.ly, you're doing it wrong!


While their product both meets the needs of underserved users and is well built to be flexible and strong, the success of their small piece of the WordPress market can be attributed in no small part to the couple's service-with-a-smile philosophy.
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Personal Bloggers, Small Business, and Global leaders all rely on Pagely.

Brad Biddle

Hosting my course materials on an @pagely site has been fantastic - so easy to use, very effective.

Joost "Yoast" de Valk

When a clients blog absolutely, positively has to be kept updated and secure, I use Page.ly. They have taken great care of the clients I've hosted there and have always communicated awesomely. Even when I'm away at a conference I count on them to take care of everything.


Continually impressed by the work ethic, dedication and skills of the crew at Pagely. Couldn't be happier with our partnership. Highly recommend.

You don't always choose WordPress for your projects, but when you do you host it at Pagely.

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